About The Founder

Natalie Gingrich

I’m a super(MORE)mom with idealistic views of balancing children, a wonderful husband, and an over-full planner full of activities and sporting events. I desire structure, but live fluidly. The best word to describe me is spirited. I don’t hold back and I can’t refrain from sarcasm. I desire the social world, over the single. I’d rather be snapping shots, planning soirees, sipping cheap white wine, shopping, savoring a fine dish, stalking social media, spa treatments, be somewhere that requires sunglasses + sandals, and an occasional day in the snow. I swear – I’m not always ladylike. I’m sappy for songs, quotes, and life’s stories.

My most prized possessions are ‘sugar boy’ (Zachary) and ‘sassy pants’ (Emery). Since the young age of 19, I’ve been smitten with my love (Jess). He’s hunky, absolutely beautiful, smart, serious, super handy, the most loyal being I know, and an inspiring father to our kiddos.

My skills list is diverse and my confidence abounds. I spent 15 years in the corporate world working in management of human resources, wellness, academia and healthcare. Today I’m rocking the fabulous life of a work-at-work mom. I desire strength – strong muscles, but doubt I am really committed to them. I enjoy a stroll but rarely sweat. I surround myself with loads of super people and feel blessed by each of them. I love Spark and sweet tea and spicy foods, especially saucy Italian. I’m a doer; a mover that requires little sleep. I’m scared of snakes, spiders, surgery, and scorpions. I can’t stand slurping or chugging sounds. I feel best in a cute skirt and spunky accessories. I love to snuggle…and give hugs freely. I should probably save more. I want to see the world. I want to save the world. Well, I’ll be specific – my mission is to show women how to be MORE to the masses. I’m in constant search for more. I celebrate being second to Him. My mom raised me to be confident, savvy, thoughtful, and organized. The hot hubs made me a supermom. My kids stripped my type A-ness… and life has made me a realist. I promise to savor the sparkly, sweet moments of every damn day.

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