About More Mom Movement

As a fellow ambitious mom, I can read your mind. I’ve been in your shoes…

Before kids came along, you KNEW how you were going to do “it”. You were determined to have clear expectations for your kiddos, keep the hubs at the top of the list, and still keep the girlfriend engagements a priority. Clearly supermom.


But right now you’re shuffling through each day without satisfaction.

You prioritize everyone else, and their needs, first.

Your to do list is chock full of things to get done for the kids, your home, your 9-5, your mother, and heck, even your dog… but nothing meaningful is on your agenda for YOU. (Ok, the pedis still make the list, but you’re even multitasking there too.)

You feel incredibly guilty doing anything for you because everyone’s needs are more important than yours.

You’re about to break… and you have more times than you’d like to share. And…it ain’t pretty

Are you ready to be MORE to your crew and get a handle on balancing all of the hats that you wear?

I’m Natalie, and I am the mom of a two beautiful kiddos and wife to the hottest man around (that’s another story). After a decade of attempting to supermom (which means balance life, kids, family, work, and dreams), I owned the fact that I was not satisfied with any of the roles I love and certainly was not loving myself. I studied, sought trainings, got coaches, and became a coach. I decided to make it my mission to support moms in the same place I used to be…so the More Mom Movement was born.

Why More Mom?

Well, my heart hurts to see my greatest friends, such amazing women and mothers, and role models overload, devalue, and simply not take care of themselves.

I took it upon myself to start a valuable movement that brings fabulous women together to support moms just like you who want to do it better, save their sanity, and have a good time becoming MORE for their entire crew.

When you join the More Mom Movement you will:

Be supported by moms and women just like you, who are in your same season, in a phenomenal and interactive community setting

Personally grow. I promise you tips, skills, and strategies to prioritize YOU so you can serve the littles, the man, the family, the friends…all of your people

Have a genuine, good time! As moms, who are high-achieving women, we deserve some time to refuel from the long days, sip on a Chardonnay in good company and relish in these beautiful (yet, fleeting) moments of motherhood and life. (And…maybe we need to bitch and brag a little, too.)

To join in on this magic of remarkable moms who REALLY understand the hard parts of this job and celebrate the best moments right along side you, visit our Get Involved page.

My friends, YOU are worth it… and so is your crew.

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