Mentoring is cheaper and more convenient than therapy!

Mentoring is cheaper and more convenient than therapy!

Mentoring for Mamas

You’ve given the supermom complex a whirl and you’ve finally found out that it’s overrated and unattainable. You’re ready to be MORE to the ones you love. Now…you’re ready for direction and action.

I’m Natalie, a mentor for moms who are ready to Love More, Live More and Be More to themselves and their support system.

I’ve been right where you are. I took several steps back before I launched forward with my thinking, actions, and self wellness. Two decades in the healthcare and human resource professions allowed me to mentor hundreds of people and transform lives, physically and mentally. I developed a strong practice of creating strategies specific to the individuals that allowed them to move forward and accomplish the unthinkable. I was their trusted, loyal, safe and intuitive companion…and I am excited to be the same for you.

I know the expectations you have for yourself when it comes to being a mom, wife, daughter, employee, and friend. I know you strive for balance and boundaries, love and affection, joy and laughter alongside your family and friends.


Jump Start with 6 Private Sessions



Payment Plan

$125 for two months

You yearn to be organized and effective in all aspects of life – home, family and career.

You want your children to feel loved, be respectful, and good human beings.
You desire to put time into your friendships and yourself.
You want to be healthy and well.
You want the best marriage and partnership for your spouse.
You want to feel sane, amongst a full schedule.

You deserve to be the best version of you! So let’s get to work…

When we work together, you’ll get:

An honest, intuitive, and experienced mentor
A personalized, actionable, and effective strategy to be MORE MOM to you + your crew!
Analysis of your priorities + ideal state
Identify what is holding you back
A safe and trusted space (Let’s face it, you can’t go to mama with some things.)

If you’re still reading this, you’re interested.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call, to get a glimpse of what Mom Mentoring is all about…

and to get reassured that you’re ready for massive change! (OK, and confirm that we’re a fit for one another.)

Here’s What You Get with Mentoring

6 or 12 Weekly 1:1 Sessions

A dedicated, 45 minutes of just you and me! These will be facilitated in a way you enjoy most – either visually through Skype or a FaceBook video call or over the phone. These will be unique to you and your goals, and based on your priorities. (Nothing cookie cutter about these sessions!)

Personalized More Mom Life Assessment

For our time to be most effective, I’ll want to understand your goals (personally, family, professionally). I also want to know where you struggle and what fires you up, in a good way. This will allow me to develop strategies that work from your passions, rather than a check list.

Unlimited Access

(via FB messaging)
Things come up and I want to provide a way to contact me so we can work through blocks as they come up in your week. The point of this is to create a place for change. Why would I want you to wait until next week’s call?


You said you were ready to level up and make changes! I’m your accountability partner to make that happen. You’ll have some thought provoking work to do, along with specific activities to bring these strategies to life!

Jump Start with 6 Sessions


$350 total

All In with 12 Sessions


$650 total

Want to raise successful kids?

You Need: Operation Life Skills!

This Family Responsibilities & Life Skills Guide will help you keep your kids (and whole family) on track with their daily and weekly responsibilities, be intentional about teaching life skills & more!

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