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Inactivity is Negativity • More Mom Movement

There’s a time to be long winded… and there’s a time to be short and sweet.

Well More Moms, today is the day to be short and sweet… about getting a little winded!!!

I’m talking about moving and shaking, running or walking, dancing and sweating baby!

YES… working out!

Inactivity is Negativity - 4 Baby Steps to Feeling Better

I know it’s not on the top of everyone’s to do list, and though there are those that TRULY LOVE TO BREAK A SWEAT, a majority of us see it as one more chore to tackle.

But here’s the thing about working out… it helps more than just your body!

I know you’ve heard it said before, but the proof is in the pudding: working out releases “feel good” endorphins in your body that leave you feeling better, more energized, happier… and for me, more successful!

It’s crazy to me how different my mental health is when I am focusing on my physical health. My brain goes from things like: “you’re lazy” or “you’re fat”… 2 things that only my negative side would say to me… to feeling like I really can do it all… and even be super fit at 40!

It’s simply the difference between an active mind… and a mind in a slump.

Exercise is simply the difference between an active mind... and a mind in a slump. | Natalie Gingrich, More Mom Movement

So, how can you jump-start your fitness journey, to start feeling better physically AND mentally? Simple!

Take these baby steps towards an overall better well-being:

  • Get your gal pals together and hold one another accountable!
  • If you’re a workout-alone-kinda-woman… treat your workout time like a hot date with the hubs! You wouldn’t bail on him… so, why would you bail on yourself?
  • Don’t overload yourself with false expectations. Are you going to work out EVERY.SINGLE.DAY? Nope! But a few days a week is a great start!
  • Just get out there and make it happen! There’s not wrong way to get started and no better time than right now!

But most importantly mamas… make each day the best it can be and don’t forget to SAY NICE THINGS TO YOURSELF… you deserve nothing less!

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