Get Involved

Congratulations for taking the step to be MORE mom to you + your crew! We offer several ways to get involved. Select the one that is your favorite, right now. I know that you’ll be so pleased and feel so good about YOU that you’ll try them all out soon.

Facebook More Mom Group

Allows women to connect, interact, and motivate one another on a daily basis

More Mom Meet Ups

Six premium monthly socials and meetings designed to provide the best connection and development

Mentoring for Moms

One-to-one meetings to personally assist you in being More Mom to your prize possessions

Coming Soon

More Mom Weekend Retreats

You can still have fun while being a middle-aged mom! Join us for a weekend of relaxation, learning, entertainment, and so much fun!

1-2 Day Workshops

Same fun as the Meet Up but over the course of a weekend, with a splash of fun on Saturday night

Virtual Events

Hosted on the world wide web for those that prefer an online experience

To see all of the scheduled events, click here

Want to raise successful kids?

You Need: Operation Life Skills!

This Family Responsibilities & Life Skills Guide will help you keep your kids (and whole family) on track with their daily and weekly responsibilities, be intentional about teaching life skills & more!

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