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4 Must Dos For Summertime Success!

When the schoolbooks close for the year and the heat turns up, we can officially welcome in summertime! And I have to say, every year that passes, I get more and more excited to enjoy, learn, and grow with my family of 4 during the summer vacation. But the break from...

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From Loathing to Loving Our Bodies Through Time

Let’s face it… vanity happens. There’s no getting around it and especially as we age, there will be two things that remain constant: vanity will ALWAYS be a part of us and that we cannot turn back time. Awesome More Moms we are… but Father Time, we are not. And for...

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Conquering Wife Guilt with Communication

Mom guilt… Wife guilt… Friend guilt… HECK… I even have TRAINER GUILT! The point is: as moms, we have guilt in every form and fashion conceivable. And the truth is, it’s probably not going away any time soon. We feel guilty for things like overcommitting… and then not...

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Organizing the Overwhelm

Overwhelm… Man, where do I get started? Ironically… that’s exactly how I feel on the days when overwhelm has my brain and body in a vice. Whenever I am juggling too many things at work, a house that needs attention and the ever-growing sports/social schedules of my...

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Admitting Failure to Our Kids

How many times in your life have you had to sit back and admit failure to someone? Probably a handful of times to your spouse, right? And perhaps, you’ve screwed up a time or two at work, whether that means apologizing to a boss… or to your employees. As adults… and...

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Inactivity is Negativity

There’s a time to be long winded… and there’s a time to be short and sweet. Well More Moms, today is the day to be short and sweet… about getting a little winded!!! I’m talking about moving and shaking, running or walking, dancing and sweating baby! YES… working out!...

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